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2023 Virtual Presentation Dates: June 27-29

All presenters will receive a meeting request from NAIOP staff with the Zoom meeting link no later than June 9.

  • Project presentations will be scheduled by NAIOP via Zoom.
  • Five NAIOP members will participate as judges. They will be allowed to ask questions during your presentation.
  • Scroll to the bottom of this page to see the judging criteria and scoring.
  • Remember - this is your opportunity to sell the judges on the merits of your project. Presentation counts!

  • NOTE: If there is a day/time that your team has an immovable conflict and cannot make their presentation, email NAIOP staff ASAP (prior to NAIOP sending out meeting requests on June 9) and we will try to accommodate your request if possible.
    • For consistency, all projects within the same category are judged by the same group of judges.
    • As a result, we cannot move one project's presentation to a different date/time without affecting the other projects within the same category. This means that by the time the meeting requests are sent out, it is too late to move your presentation time.
    • Please also note that although NAIOP can be flexible with scheduling, we do require all presentations be made during the three designated judging dates.

Planning for Your 20 Minute Presentation

  • Allotted Time
    • Your 20-minute time slot includes time responding to follow-up questions from the judges.
  • Presenters
    • You are allowed up to four (4) individuals to participate in your presentation.
    • Presenters can be together on the same video feed, or can join from separate feeds.
    • Please provide the names and email addresses of your presenters in the final submittal, due June 3.
    • All presenters will receive a meeting request from NAIOP staff with the Zoom meeting link no later than June 10.
  • Format
    • Presentations can be in the format of your choice - live discussion, PowerPoint, and/or pre-recorded video.
    • To show PowerPoint slides, project photos or video, one of your presenters will have to share their screen during the meeting. Instructions for screen sharing will be included in the Zoom meeting requests.
    • If you wish to do a video tour, please record this in advance and play the video during your presentation.
    • Live tours are not allowed.

Judging Criteria



Project Development (function & design) 10
Architectural Integrity (function & design) 15
Market Feasibility & Project success 20
Unique Challenges 5
Process (repositioned/renovated projects only)
Sustainability (all other projects)
Project Presentation 5
Overall Impression 5
Total possible 65